This is the very first sculpture I ever made. In fact, it was just supposed to be a head, but it escalated into the full one-man-band-look-alike-sculpture that you see here before your very eyes!


This is the second sculpture I made. It was actually kind of sweet: I was working part-time as a frontline worker at the Native Women's Shelter of Montreal, and was running out of activity-ideas when I thought of getting the ladies to try out paper-mache. It was actually really inspiring to see how very much women of all ages got into it and to see them enjoy creating something out of nothing. Anyway. There's a bit of a story around this sculpture: I was supposed to fly to France to meet up with my boyfriend, who was to play an opening set for Wanda Jackson at a music festival. I really wanted to give her the sculpture and worked frantically day and night to get it done on time, when the volcano erupted in Iceland and it looked like my trip to Europe was history. It was only on the morning of my scheduled departure that I found out that the flights had resumed that very day.

I had finished everything but painting on the last final details. I was excited to go travel in Europe and to have something constructive to do while my man would be sound-checking and stuff. Well, long story short, it wasn't meant to be. Air France lost my luggage and never found it again. The only thing that made it to France was I and the sculpture, the paint was lost together with all my favorite irreplaceable vintage dresses... Needless to say I was feeling pretty shitty about it all, when my boyfriend encouraged me to show Wanda the unfinished sculpture, nevertheless... She was her usual sweet self about it and made it all worthwhile with her warm smile! She ended up signing the guitar which meant I would not be able to give it away, no way!!!

I finally finished the sculpture last year and got to show it to her last year when she played in Montreal:

MIRIAM LINNA (of Norton Records)

I had wanted to give this doll to Miriam when she came to Montreal a couple of years ago, but didn't manage to get it done on time. Which, in retrospect, was kind of cool, as it meant I had a great gift for her to celebrate Norton Record's 25th anniversary party. I ended up making her doll of her man, Billy Miller, and handed them their doubles on the last night of the Norton bash in NYC. 

I didn't know this, but they had then given the dolls to Spongebob Squarepants, who was doing some MCing and did a mini puppet show with them, which yours truly missed because she was outside getting some fresh air...


I actually made this sculpture kind of out of frustration while on my trip in Europe where my luggage had gotten lost. I hate seeing my work unfinished and still felt a bit upset about not being able to finish the Wanda Jackson doll. So while visiting my mother in Bonn, Germany, I decided to make a little gift for King Khan, whom we were going to visit for a few days before returning to Montreal....