23 November 2012

23 August 2012


The ground-breakin' Lady Bo, who, to this day, is still going strong! Many of you know Bo Diddley, but do you know "Lady Bo", who claims to be the first-ever paid female lead guitarist in a band?


Super-inspiring co-founder of Norton Records, Miriam Linna, with her look-alike-sculpture, hangin' out backstage at Norton's 25th Anniversary bash last November in Nyc, with a somewhat disturbed-lookin' Mighty Gaylord...


I love Andre "Mr. Rhythm" Williams. I met him a few times and think he's just the coolest. I made this painting shortly before giving birth to my beautiful baby daughter. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do.


Does impromptu puppet act with the dolls I made of Billy Miller and Miriam Linna of Norton records, while MCing at Norton Records' 25th Anniversary Weekend, NYC

Click on the pic to see the dolls... 


Here I am, finally able to show the wonderful Wanda Jackson her sculpture, after almost having it lost while crossing the Atlantic... click on the pic for the full story!

21 August 2012

KK Norris of ATTICVILLE.com

This is one of my favorite dolls. I met KK on ETSY, where she runs her shop "ATTICVILLE". KK's got an amazing collection of hard-to-find vintage threads, make sure you check out her stuff... 

16 August 2012

Little Richard!

Here's a recent painting I did of Little Richard. Last christmas, I got this super cool kids' book, Honky Tonk Heroes and Hillbilly Angels, by the amazing Laura Levine and it totally reignited my passion for painting. I love her stuff, I'm sure you will, too.


Here are two early dolls I made: the super-talented Lyse and the legendary Arthur Cossette (ex-Jaguars)  of Lyse and the Hot Kitchen ! Catch them at a local show... you won't be disappointed!

15 August 2012


Here you can see snapshots of the creative process involved in making a doll. From the initial photograph sent to me, to the fabric selection and cutting process, all the way to the final product!


This is the very first sculpture I ever made. In fact, it was just supposed to be a head, but it escalated into the full one-man-band-look-alike-sculpture that you see here before your very eyes!

14 August 2012

Two women on Parc Ave

My all-time favorite! I was waiting for the 80 on Parc Avenue when I noticed these two. Totally love everything about this photo.

Two women on Mont Royal

I saw these two lovely ladies on Mont Royal, a few blocks down from St. Hubert. What I love about this picture is the fact that just from this one snapshot you can get such a distinct sense as to what each of them is like. Really, I'm totally into how they compliment and define each other... 

Couple on St. Mathieu

This is a photo I took while I was studying photography at Concordia. I basically did a b&w series on people I found interesting.  Nothing more to it, nothing less.  I ran into this couple on St. Mathieu and St. Catherine.

Four women on Ontario relaxing

One of the first street-photography-type of photos I ever took. I was just walking around Montreal, when I happened across these lovely ladies on Ontario, close to St. Laurent. They willingly obliged to having their photo taken... oh, also, check out the drawing I made of the woman in white, also one of the first ink drawings I ever made: