Al Kray works out of Montreal, Quebec, but is originally a native of Bonn, Germany. She works predominantly with paint but includes doll-making, sculpture and photography in her repertoire. She mainly concentrates on portraiture, ranging from paintings of the unassuming girl next door to famous celebrities. Regardless of the subjects, Kray's focus is always on translating the essence of the person with stylish simplicity.

Al Kray's work has been part of many group shows in and around Montreal, most recently at Studio Georgeville, in the Eastern Townships of Quebec. Kray successfully debuted new work at a solo show at Casa del Popolo in Montreal in February 2014. She studied Fine Arts at Concordia University in Montreal, QC. 


February 2014 - Al Kray Artshow, Casa Del Popolo, Montreal, Qc


July 2014 - Art Alternatif/Outsider Art, Studio Georgeville, Georgevill, Qc

June 2014 - Show and Tell, La Ruche D'Art, Montreal, Qc

May 2014 - Felino Presents, Galerie Espace, Montreal, Qc

April 2014 - Lapinophobie, Usine 106U, Montreal, Qc

November 2011 - Puppet Show with Al Kray dolls and Spongebob Squarepants' Tom Kenny, Norton Records' 25th Anniversary Weekender, NYC, NY

April 2011 -  Pouteenage Wasteland, Friendship Cove, Montreal, Qc

2009 - Illuminations, Art Matters, Belgo Building, Montreal, Qc

2007 - All My Friends Are Dead, Usine 106U, Montreal, Qc


January 24, 2014 -  David Bush, The Eastern Door, Vol. 23, p.21

December 20, 2014 - David Bush, The Eastern Door, Vol. 22, p. 21

October 2012 - XX Files, Radio Interview, CKUT.ca


I am interested in people, so that is what I focus on in my practice. People with their guard down, affording you a glimpse of their personality.  What permeates all my work is a thirst for getting closer to the people I find interesting and bringing them closer to you, whether it be in the shape of a drawing, painting, doll, sculpture or photograph.

I strive to offer works that are non-dictating and open to interpretation. 

I am driven by a love of color and simplicity. I am influenced by a passion for vintage patterns and hand-painted signs, I adore child-like honesty in design and look for inspiration in my immediate surroundings, as well as books and the internet.

I have a weakness for mid-century men's magazines. Undeniably sexist, they nevertheless idolize a much broader sense of femininity than is the norm today. In addition, they display a light-heartedness, a subtle humor, a sense of not-taking-yourself-too-seriously. This is a general mood that permeates most of my own work. 

And while it is not my intention to make socio-political statements with my art, you can argue that many of my paintings are tainted by the longing for a much more all-embracing, fun-loving and accepting view of women. 

I definitely make use of a subtle irony without ever attempting to force my viewpoint onto the viewer. 

In the end, my works are about having fun and invite the viewer to do the same.


A note on the quality of the photos displaying my work: sometimes pictures are taken haphazardly and last-minute, before dolls get handed over or sculptures would be shown etc. I would love to be able to showcase all my work neatly, but sometimes it is just not possible. I trust you can still enjoy what you see and get a sense of the fun I had while creating...